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C.E.R.T. Pictures of the Basic First Aid Training Drill Held on Saturday, 05 May 2008

On Saturday, 5 May 2008, the Woodbridge Township Community Emergency Response Team gathered at the Woodbridge Township Department of Health and Human Services, located at 2 George Frederick Plaza, to practice the first aid skills that they learned on Saturday, 12 April 2008.

Woodbridge Township C.E.R.T. is extremely grateful to Mr. Leo McGough, Coordinator, Simulation Center, Center for Public Health Preparedness, Burlington County College, and his three (3) assistants, Mr. Christopher Helsabeck, Mr. Vincent Stephen, and Mr. William Walling, for taking time out of their busy schedule to help us with our training.  If any other C.E.R.T.s in the State of New Jersey are interested in conducting a similar training session, please review their web site at http://www.bcc.edu/pages/389.asp.  You can contact Mr. McGough via email at lmcgough@bcc.edu or 856-222-9311 ext. 2811.

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Simulator Number 1:
Compound fracture of
the left femur with

Simulator Number 2:
Compound fracture of
the right radius and
ulna with bleeding.

Simulator Number 3:
Chest pains and
cardiac arrest.


A close-up view of the
compound fracture on
simulator number 1.


The crew from Burlington
County College Simulator
Center.  From left to right:
Mr. Christopher Helsabeck,
Mr. Leo McGough, Mr. William
Walling, and Mr. Vincent Stephen.

Team member, and EMT
David Frantz demonstrates
the proper way to assess
the victim.


Team member, and EMT
David Frantz explains
to team members William
Zupko, left, Raymond Burgio,
with hat, and Joseph Camarata
how to proceed in this situation.


Team members Lynn
Tumblety, kneeling,
and Janet Misak, standing,
look on as visiting EMT,
Kathy Kelley, explains
to team member Karen
Neary the proper way to
apply a sterile dressing
to the wound.

Team member William
Johnson, with back to the
camera, looks on as team
members "Doc" Lane, and
John O'Brien assess the
victim.  Mr. Christopher
Helsabeck, and Mr. Leo
McGough explain to the
team members what they
are encountering with this

Team member Janet Misak,
Lynn Tumblety, and Karen
Neary follow instructions from
visiting EMT Kathy Kelley as
they address the wounds of
simulator number 1.


Mr. Vincent Stephen,
standing, looks on as
team member, and EMT,
David Frantz supervises
fellow team members Joseph
Camarata, Ray Burgio, and
William Zupko as they split
the compound fracture.

Team members, from left
to right, Mike Johnson, John
O'Brien, William Johnson, and
"Doc" Lane wait while the AED
analyzes the victim.


Visiting EMT, Kathy Kelley,
right, explains what could
happen to a victim of a
compound fracture of the
femur as team members
Janet Misak, back to camera,
Lynn Tumblety, left, and
Karen Neary, center, listen.

Team member Mike
Johnson, left, watches as
fellow team members John
O'Brien and "Doc" Lane
demonstrate the correct
way to perform two-person

Team member, and EMT.
David Frantz explains the
finer points of assessing,
bandaging, and splinting
the victim to team members
Joseph Camarata, Raymond
Burgio, and William Zupko,
as Mr. Vincent Stephen looks on.

Visiting EMT, Kathy Kelley,
explains to team members
Janet Misak, Lynn Tumblety,
and Karen Neary how to
administer oxygen via a
non-re-breather mask.

Team member, and EMT,
David Frantz, left, explains to
fellow team members William
Zupko, Joseph Camarata, and
Raymond Burgio the importance
of exposing the chest of a cardiac
attack victim.

Team members Karen
Neary, Lynn Tumblety,
and Janet Misak listen as
visiting EMT, Kathy Kelley
explains how to operate
the AED.

Team members Janet
Misak, left, and Lynn
Tumblety, back to the
camera, listen to visiting
EMT, Kathy Kelley, as
team member Karen Neary
performs chest compressions
on simulator number 3.

Team members John O'Brien,
and "Doc" Lane re-assess the
victim after his wounds have
been bandaged and splinted.


Senior Instructor Joseph Formola,
right, addresses the team as Mr.
Leo McGough, left, looks on.*

Mr. Leo McGough, Coordinator
of the Simulator Center, right,
and one of the life-like simulators
used at the training session.*

Mr. Leo McGough, left, listens
as Senior Instructor Joe Formola
thanks him and his team for helping
Woodbridge C.E.R.T. train to be
better prepared to help the township.*

Simulator Center operators
Christopher Helsabeck, left,
and Vincent Stephen, right,
pose for the camera.*

A close-up view of the realistic
leg wound presented by the life-
like manikins.*

A close-up view of the realistic
forearm wound presented by the
life-like manikins.*


A pouch of "make-believe" blood
used to make the wounds to appear
more realistic.*


From left to right: Mr. Leo McGough,
Mr. Vincent Stephen, Mr. William Walling,
and Mr. Christopher Helsabeck address
the team members as Senior Instructor
Joe Formola looks on.*


Team members, from left
to right: Karen Neary, William
Zupko, Joseph Camarata, and
David Frantz listen to the
Simulator Center crew as they
critique the team after the training.*


Senior Instructor Joe Formola,
right, explains to the team the
importance of constant training,
and the significant contribution
the Simulator Center of Burlington
County College made to our
training.  Mr. William Walling, left,
and Mr. Christopher Helsabeck,
center, look on.*
The Woodbridge Township
C.E.R.T. members and the
crew from Burlington County
College pose for a group picture
after the training drill.  From left
to right: William Zupko, Joseph Camarata,
Karen Neary (kneeling), David Frantz,
Raymond Burgio, William Johnson,
"Doc" Lane, Lynn Tumblety (hiding
behind "Doc"), Janet Misak, Michael
Johnson, Mr. Christopher Helsabeck,
John O'Brien, Mr. William Walling,
Mr. Vincent Stephen, Joseph Formola,
and Mr. Leo McGough.*
  * A special Thank You to Ms. Kathy
Kelley for assisting the team as a
visiting EMT instructor and for kindly
sharing these photographs with us
and allowing us to use them on our
web site.

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