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C.E.R.T. 2007 Training Sessions FINAL EXAM

The following pictures were taken on Saturday, 24 November 2007 at the Woodbridge High School.

After dedicating approximately twenty-four (24) hours of training, the Woodbridge Township C.E.R.T. candidates were ready to prove their skills learned during those hours of training.

The C.E.R.T. Final Exercise consisted of the following scenario:
" A fire, with resulting explosions, has erupted at the Hess Oil Refinery.  The Hess Fire Department and their HazMat crew have requested mutual aid from the surrounding jurisdictions.

Woodbridge, Carteret, Edison, Perth Amboy, and South Amboy Fire, HazMat, EMS, and police department have been called in to assist.

Woodbridge C.E.R.T. has been activated and all members have been assembled in the parking lot of Town Hall.

A phone call has been received by Woodbridge Township Dispatch that a motor vehicle accident has occurred on or near St. Georges Avenue North, near Woodbridge High School.  A vehicle containing 'special needs children and/or adults' and another vehicle have collided.  Both vehicles are in the up-right position but one of the vehicles have sustained a 'roll-over'.  Witnesses are unsure if they saw smoke from either vehicle.

Since all emergency services in and around the township are totally engaged at the Hess Oil Refinery fire, there is no on to dispatch to the scene of the accident.

The Director of the Office of Emergency Management notifies the OEM/CERT coordinator to send the team to the scene and for them to 'do their best under the circumstances.'

Upon arrival at the scene, it can clearly be seen that there are occupants in both vehicles.  The driver of the 'other vehicle' is out of the vehicle and walking around in what appears to be a dazed state.  A liquid is seen dripping from some canisters ejected from the 'other vehicle' - substance unknown.

The weather is turning cold with the temperature dropping below freezing and high winds are expected in the area within minutes."

Below are the pictures of the drill.  The candidates did exceptionally well for their first time acting as a unit and they have all passed the final drill.  They are no longer considered candidates but full fledged members of the Woodbridge Township Community Emergency Response Team.

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Current team members and
other "volunteers" are briefed
on what they will be expected
to do during the final exercise.

The briefing continues.


The kids are looking forward
to being "victims" in the up-
coming exercise.

Team Leader Lowell Aube
explains to the kids what
they will be expected to do
during the exercise.

The candidates are given
their assignment and they
start to put together a plan.


Equipment is distributed
and individual assignments
are made before leaving for
the "accident scene".


A final re-cap of assignments
and equipment check and the
candidates are ready to depart.


The candidates arrive "on
scene" and prepare to do
a "scene size-up" - the main
rule is "IS IT SAFE?"


Candidate Keturah Harris-Brown
does a great job controlling "by-
standers" who try to get in the
way of the candidates.


Gulshan "G" Manko played
the part of a "terrorist" who
doesn't speak English and
was accidentally hit by one
of the vehicles.  Something
that WASN'T in the expected

Despite being cold and having
to lay on the ground, "G" was
having "the time of his life".

Team member Charlotte Toke
played the driver of the school
van and pretended to sustain
a head injury.

Matt Aube, son of team leader
Lowell Aube pretended to sustain
a broken hip.

The kids were having such a good
time, it was hard for they to always
stay in character of "victims".

The candidates set-up a
triage and treatment area
away from, and "up wind" of
the accident site.

Candidate Ray Burgio, right,
assists a "victim" with a "broken


Candidate Lynn Tumblety
performs a "head-to-toe"
assessment of "victim" Charlotte
Toke in the treatment area.


Busy scene: Candidate Bill
Zupko gets information from
"victim" Sherry Landt while
candidate Neil Valladares
brings another "victim" to the
treatment area, while candidate
Lynn Tumblety gets ready to
treat "victim" Charlotte Toke.

Well, somebody finally
put a blanket on the
"terrorist".  He'll have to
wait for the police to arrive!


Candidate David Frantz,
center, triages a "victim"
in the van while Lynn
Tumblety, left, and candidate
Marty Richstein, right, get
ready to assist.

"B" Team Leader, candidate
Neil Valladares gets a status
update from candidate Lynn
Tumblety while other candidates
Bill Zupko and Keturah Harris-Brown
assist the "victims".

"B" Team Leader, candidate
Neil Valladares gives instructions
while candidate Ryan Richstein
(hands on stretcher) and his father
candidate Marty Richstein prepare
to remove a "victim" from the van.
Candidate Lynn Tumblety, far
left, stands-by to assist.

Team member Debbi Hutt did
and OUTSTANDING job playing
the hysterical "mother" wanting
to "get to her child".  "B" Team
Leader, candidate Neil Valladares
does his best to calm "mom" and
convince her to wait near the
"treatment area".

Despite the cold weather, the
kids were having a great time
and finding it very difficult to
"stay in character".


Candidate Ryan Richstein,
standing, center, surveys the
"treatment area" while candidate
Bill Zupko, kneeling, gets vital
information from a "victim" as
candidates Lynn Tumblety and
Keturah Harris-Brown assist.

"Hysterical Mom" team member
Debbi Hutt waits near the "treatment
area" for word on her "child".


Another "busy scene".  Candidates
Ryan Richstein, left, and Ray Burgio,
right lower a victim on a stretcher, while
candidate David Frantz, center prepares
to render first aid.  "B" Team Leader,
candidate Neil Valladares supervises while
team member John O'Brien play the roll of
"unsolicited, spontaneous volunteer".
Candidate Marty Richstein, back to camera,
tends to a "victim".

Candidate Keturah Harris-Brown
comforts team member Charlotte
Toke who played a "victim" during
the exercise.


Even though it was cold outside,
the kid had a lot of fun and knew
that when it was all over, they
were going to be treated to pizza
and soda by Team Leader Lowell


Knowing the importance
of documentation, candidate
Bill Zupko, left, gets information
from a "victim" while candidate
Ryan Richstein looks on.


Team Leader Lowell Aube, back
to the camera, "debriefs" the
candidates as to how they did during
the final exam.


The debriefing continues as
each key item of the drill is
reviewed letting the candidates
know what they did right and what
they did wrong.


The candidates pose with
their instructor and their
team leader.  From left to
right: Ryan Richstein, Neil
Valladares, Instructor Joe Formola,
Marty Richstein, Lynn Tumblety,
David Frantz, Ray Burgio, Bill
Zupko, Team Leader Lowell
Aube, and Keturah Harris-Brown.

After a very successful final exam,
they can no longer be called
"candidates".  Here are the newest
members of the Woodbridge Township
Community Emergency Response Team.


Team Leader Lowell Aube
thanks the kids and team
members for their assistance
during the drill.  Everyone played
an important role in helping the
newest C.E.R.T. members through
their final exam.

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